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Targeted Children:

- Children with special needs: children who are suffering from, sensuous, physical or mental handicap, which prevent them from leading a normal life like their peer groups of the same age, economical and social background.

- Street children (Homeless): children
below 18 years of age, who spent most or all of their times on the street without marinating any contacts with their families and lack protection and orientation

- Child labor: children who, contributes towards work without reaching the legal age, due to their needs in order to support themselves and their families

Migrants and refugees: children who migrated to cities from their villages, because of difficult situations that endangered their lives or livelihood.

How we work?

- Directly with targeted categories, concentrating on the basic needs of the child and trying to rectify the damage resulted from his status.

- Avoiding the wastage of the resources in studies and statistic works instead utilize the available information and data then specify the priorities and laying plans. 

- Working as per the specified projects and outlining methods for evaluating and following up the results.

What we do?

- Taking direct care of Omdurman women prison inmates’ children {119-237 child} (clothes, food, linins and blankets, kindergarten and medicine.

- Sponsoring a child- somebody or any organization have sponsor a certain child or children, and provide periodical reports about the sponsored child-children and their progress.

- Supporting orphanage and reformatory and juvenile prisons and facilitating food, medicine and education (children house at ALMAIGOMA)

- Supporting physiological rehabilitation and orientation for children and affected from their families.



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