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Our vision for every child is life in all its fullness. We are recognized throughout the world for our innovative, child-focused community development and disaster response.


- Because youth make a difference (Change Makers).

The organization shall have the following objectives:

1- Taking care of the children in general
2- Raising of awareness regarding  general rights of  mothers and children
3- Disseminating and interpreting the laws relating to the mothers and children
4- Realizing the objectives of the integrated rural development
5- Paying special care to the children in prisons, as well as defending the rights of the public and providing the legal consultancy.
6- Disseminating the culture of human rights in general, and the woman and child's rights in particular.
7- Preparing studies and researches concerning woman and child.

The organization adopts the following means in order to reach its objectives:
1) organizing symposiums, lectures and workshops as regards raising awareness and culture
2) providing legal assistance and support
3) Preparing studies and statistics that depicts the children condition in Sudan
4) interviewing the decision-makers and national leaders on all the levels
5) the direct guardianship of the needy children
6) establishing houses for accommodating the displaced children, besides rehabilitating the existing ones
7) Taking care of the women prisoners' children and rehabilitating the environment where they live.


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